Call The Midwife


Recycled Walnut and brass rounds

Dimensions: 1-5/8″ W x 1-5/8″H  Weight: 6g (a nickel weighs 5g)


Allow 1 to 4 weeks for delivery. Tatiana’s earrings are handmade to order, no two pieces look exactly alike. Products are shipped within the USA only.

Recycled solid walnut, representing strength and foundation. Five brass rounds, representing courage, humility, awareness, knowledge, and love.

I’ve always wanted to create a design that embodies midwifery. Being a midwife is not just a career, it’s living a real life version of “Everything everywhere all at once.” It’s fascinating and humbling. It’s full of lessons and bears the most juicy, surreal, wild moments a person can experience. As a student of Midwifery, I am constantly learning about all things human. With gratitude, I will forever be a student of this passion.

At this stage, (and indefinitely) I am in absolute awe of the Midwives who teach me. They not only protect the families they serve, but their wings are big enough to cover me too. They share their wisdom, invite all my curiosities, and remind me that there’s a floor in the room.

So this design is inspired by Midwives and all things Midwifery. Thanks to my amazing teachers, the art of Midwifery is passed down and lives on through me and other students.

As a student midwife in California, I work hard to create balance between work and school. Designing and selling earrings is just one of the ways I am able to support myself through this journey to being a midwife and staring my own practice. Thank you for your interest in this art, it means a lot to me.


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