About TatianaAshna Handcrafting

Growing up in the Sierra Foothill mountains, I was amazed watching my parent’s clever creations with wood and metal. Every piece had its own uniqueness molding peacefully with my surroundings.

I began to cultivate my own styles and, with steady hands, found grace and fulfillment in working with all types of wood. My earrings are made by hand and with the help of tools such as a scroll saw and dremel. They are made from wood like mahogany, oak, walnut, and Brazilian rosewood. Some are complimented with polished stone beads, and finished with gold plated wire to bring together an elegant finish.

When I am not designing, I am a student pursuing nurse midwifery. I specialize in work as a postpartum doula and am passionate about gestation, birth, and the health of women.

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TatianaAshna California USA Handcrafted Wooden Earrings Artist
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