I am so grateful for the love and support that the models gave for this website project. Their gift went beyond making time for modeling sessions and included patience, trust, and faith to make this site possible. My level of pride soars as these women wholeheartedly empower my earring designs. Furthermore, I am full of gratitude as my designs truly shine on the tremendous natural beauty and confidence they own. 

Thank you, my sweet sisters.

Stephanie Ang

Emily Bell

Emily Craane

Jennifer Douglas

Kate Eich

Paige Federico

Rebekah Felipe

Faith Gregory

Briley Haskins

Yasemin Kurama

Dayana Lim

Chyna Lorene

Bell Perry-Moore

Dylan Paige

Cybelle Priestley

Fatima Priestley

Natalie Priestley

Tatiana Priestley

Marissa Romero

Rylee Sanders

Alexis Santos

Sabrina Springs

Jamie Weaver

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