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Forest Fairy

These earrings are especially unique because they are complimented with river stones and bits of moss that I’ve found while enjoying the bear river and the forest that surrounds it. Encapsulated by mahogany and clear resin.


Ivy May



Mulata is a term that my family from Cape Verde uses. It means a person who is mixed. I’m not one for labels usually but when I learned about this word I found a bit of comfort in it. These earrings represent a mother and a father of different races, loving each other.








Welcome to more of the TatianaAshna designer collection from California. Each set of handmade wooden earrings is influenced by the organic beauty of tribal style.

Tatiana’s sophisticated tribal style earrings celebrate the kindred spirit of women. Her handcrafting encompasses a bit of hippie, soul, loud and adornment.

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All Tatiana art is handcrafted in California USA