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Aurora Borealis

Made of Canary and Bolivian Rosewood, complemented with suede strands and brass beads


Aurora Borealis



Tribal Sway


Leoa Cleopatra


Azure Solstice


Rain Dance



A zulu term “many effects”





Mahogany accompanied with buffalo bone beads.






As a student midwife one of the many things I’ve learned about is the religious practice of circumcision. The more I learned about it the more questions arose – like where did this begin? Why do we do it? Is it necessary? I was intrigued and began my own research while also learning about it in school. 

These earrings were designed with the intent to bring awareness to the practice of circumcision in hopes to give more understanding and knowledge about our decision to perform it. Below is a link to a video made by Kaleem Joy, a certified professional and licensed midwife, as well as a certified pediatric massage therapist. In this video she discusses circumcision and why it’s important to be informed regarding this topic. 




Relish in the beauty of handmade tribal earrings from California designer and wood artisan, Tatiana. Each TatianaAshna earring pair is defined, natural, and stunning.

There is culture and power of our Inner Woman in Tatiana wood, bone, beads, and leather creations, all led with passion. Learn more of this amazing artist’s originality in handcrafted wood earrings >>.



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All Tatiana art is handcrafted in California USA